Oak in Oak

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Fragrance Description
Oak in Oak by Scents of Wood opens with clean peppery spice that introduces a wonderfully smooth aged wood accord, bringing together cedar and oak with a hint of incense and amber. A perfect woody wear.

From Scents of Wood
With a unique texture of cedarwood Virginia enveloped by the swirling spice of incense, this fragrance starts with an explosive arrangement of addictive delights. 
A warm woody body of oakwood envelopes the spice and Incense, throwing back to the cognac and wine barrels of its foundations to bring comfort and familiarity to the sensory adventure. 

Notes of saffron and leather create an intimate portrait of sensation that promises comfort and nobility in equal measure. With a warmth and sophistication that layers itself gently both over and under the fragrance, you can feel the embrace of a woody aroma that leaves you feeling uniquely cozy.

Céline Barel

saffron, incense, cumin seed, orris root, oakwood, tonka bean, Amber Xtreme, patchouli

Scents of Wood fragrances use perfumers alcohol that has been aged in wooden barrels, which adds a unique wood character to the scents. Cashmeran in Cognac uses alcohol aged in a vintage oak barrel.

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