NEZ 1+1 Bundle: Issue 11 & Kraft Gommé Eau de Parfum

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11 | Live & Let Die

With one of the most intriguing topics yet, NEZ Issue 11 explores the role scent and the sense of smell play in our experience of life and death. From our mother's womb to the grave, how do smells follow us through our lives? Relied upon for survival and used in rituals of grief, olfactory sensations are always with us. Explore this topic through the lenses of art, literature, photography, science, history, gastronomy and, of course, perfumery.

In their fourth 1+1 pairing, Issue 11 is coupled with the newest NEZ limited edition fragrance, Kraft Gommé, a collaboration between perfumer Marie Salamagne and musician/filmmaker Yoann Lemoine (aka WoodKid).

Kraft Gommé is immersed in memories of art school and the ghost of art supplies — kneaded erasers, glue, sharpened pencils, varnish, paper, adhesives, a wooden easel and nicotine-stained hands. The sketch of a young artist in the making.

Notes: linseed, beeswax, myrrh accord, cedar wood, tobacco, tolu balsam, ambrox

Published May 2021
English Only
160 Pages

The Nez 11 magazine, Kraft Gommé perfume and samples are also sold separately.

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