Mon Vetiver

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Essential Parfum's Mon Vetiver by Bruno Jovanovic is charismatic, elegant...and surprising.

“The concept of a perfume is above all an idea that I would reduce into a few simple definitions. I imagined a perfume with a modern elegance, built on a vetiver and gin accord. An encounter of character, with woody and aromatic accents.” – Bruno Jovanovic

The star of this composition is a Haitian vetiver oil which is certified “For Life,” reducing environmental impact and supporting farming communities in Haiti. An unexpected gin accord made of juniper and Mexican Lime infuses the vetiver with freshness. Accent notes include lavandin, gentian, cashmere wood and Indonesian patchouli. The sillage is intense.

This is an eau de parfum with a concentration of 76%. Ingredients are selected to maximize sustainability and are 89% natural, including beetroot-derived alcohol. Free of colorants, vegan and cruelty free, phthalate free.

Bruno Jovanovic

Haitian vetiver, gin, lime, juniper, lavandin, gentian, Cashmeran, Indonesian patchouli

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