Moena 12|69

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Built around sustainably harvested and produced essential oil of wild Peruvian Moena, the fragrance is a a riot of plants sweating in the morning sun. The scent of young ginger sweeping through the green canopy. Brewed tea and fresh tobacco leaves. An oncoming thunderstorm and the purifying crispness that follows. 

Carta's 15 ml bottle achieves a longstanding goal to offer Moena 12|69 in packaging that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. Each splash bottle is closed with a fitted ground-glass globe stopper, eliminating the need for plastic pumps, caps, and tubes, and is hand-sealed using an artisanal technique called baudruchage. Bottles are placed in keepsake boxes constructed from recycled fibers and wrapped in biodegradable materials before posting.

Heather D'Angelo

wild Peruvian moena, soaked moss, golden ginger, brewed tea & tobacco leaves, redolent woods

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