Mississippi Medicine

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Mississippi Medicine is a perfume study in dark woods, with an emphasis on cedar with smoky cade and birch tar. The fragrance is both unsettling and meditative, with a warm incense note that both softens and deepens the woodiness. From DS & Durga:

"Mississippi Medicine is based on what little is known about the rituals of a fast growing death cult that emerged in the southern part of the US in the 1200s. Called the South Eastern Ceremonial complex, it is more of a period within the Mississippian culture (the mound builders) when a specific system of religion quickly emerged. Other names for it were The Buzzard Cult and simply The Southern Death Cult. The cedar tree was sacred to them, representing an axis mundi (a gateway between the lower and upper worlds). 

Mississippi Medicine is rich in cedar. Dry red Virginia cedar. Healthy doses of incense help marry the wood to the pine. Incense has been used in rituals since the dawn of time, which means we connect it to religious feeling in the depth of our bones.
The heart of MM is filled out with an accord of wild viola that could have grown by the mounds in Mississippi. Birch tar adds a primal smoke. It smells mysterious and ancient."

Notes: red cedar, aldehydes, frankincense, cypress root, black pine, cascarilla bark, incense, Spanish cade, birch tar

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