Mihan Aromatics Discovery Set

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About the Set
All six beauties from Aussie niche fragrance brand Mihan Aromatics are here in the Mihan Aromatics Discovery Set: Guilty Story, Kirra Curl, Mikado Bark, Munlark Ash, Petrichor Plains and Sienna Brume. Take a trip with your nose, and experience the olfactory delights of Australian botanical ingredients with Mihan Aromatics.

What's Inside
  • Guilty Story

    Citrus & saffron with woods & musk - richly rubbery & strangely inviting

  • Kirra Curl

    Beachy sea salt, lemon rind, surf wax & Australian woods

  • Mikado Bark

    A hint of dry oil paint over dense cedar, cinnamon & sandalwood

  • Munlark Ash

    Evergreen botanicals with deep incense, labdanum and vetiver

  • Petrichor Plains

    Petrichor of dry earth and woods drenched with fresh rain

  • Sienna Brume

    An irresistible blend of figgy coconut, salty sea air & magazine paper


Set contains 6 x 2ml perfume sample spray vials. All fragrances are at 25% concentration in organic sugarcane alcohol. Mihan Aromatics™ scents are designed, developed, hand filled, and assembled in Melbourne, Australia. All Mihan Aromatics™ fragrances are cruelty free and vegan certified.

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