Miami Blue

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Miami Blue by 19-69 is dedicated to an era in Miami when champagne baths were on the charts. Referred to as Paradise Lost in the 1980s and the tv-show Miami Vice was all the rage. The scent is fresh and aquatic with notes of lemon, ginger and a wink and a nod to a certain white powder.

“Miami – a metropolis with deep roots in art and cultural diversity, surrounded by sunshine, white sand and the ocean. Referred to as Paradise Lost in the 1980s. During this period Hotel Mutiny stood out as a lush oasis within the apocalypse and hosted a free trading zone and a never-ending party with gorgeous models, kingpins, and legendary artists. The TV-show Miami Vice has been a major influence on fashion and includes Armani jackets in pastels, rolled up sleeves.” - Johan Bergelin, Founder & Creative Director

lemon, ginger, aldehydes, cocaine accord, rose oxide, calone, Amber Xtreme

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