Mel: Solid Perfume Olfactory Digression

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Mel is a 100% natural solid perfume created by Ernesto Collado for Bravanariz in Catalonia, Spain. This limited edition fragrance is made using organic beeswax from hives installed by Ernesto's regional Bee Brave project, a non-profit focused on restoring native plants essential to the area's local bee population.

The scent itself is derived from an all-natural blend of the beeswax with essential oils from the region's plentiful honey plants, which also serve as food for our environmental heroes. Soft and balsamic, delicately aromatic on skin — wear it alone or layer to add a delicious warmth and sweetness to your favorite perfumes. 

Essential oil blend: immortelle, chamomile, linden, rockrose, neroli, Spanish lavender, rosemary, thyme, tonka bean

Limited edition, only 300 bottles available worldwide.

Olfactory Digressions is a limited edition series from Bravanariz: "A digression is a literary form that departs from the central story. Hence, an eccentric form. In my career as an artistic creator, it has always been a form of resistance. Single thought is more comfortable but is enormously simplistic. The digressions assume and celebrate complexity, producing richness and nuance... Our Olfactory Digressions take the olfactory experience further, going off the beaten track to have more references and promote a richer, more varied and intense olfactory culture."

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