Lucky Days

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Lucky Days by Libertine is a bright blend of petitgrain with floaty orange blossoms and juicy citrus. A upbeat and relaxing scent about finding luck.

From Libertine
Lucky Days smells like airy breeze and neon green leaves. Cool shade on creamy blossoms. Citrus is like sunshine grown on a tree... In other words: Lucky Days feels like impromptu plans when your plans fall through, sunbeams shining through your window. Your oldest friends marvel at how you have grown and changed. Remembering that your clock is fast. Feeling the seasons changing. A bird eating out of your hand. Luck is everywhere you want to find it. Relax and let the sunshine in.

Joshua Smith

petigrain, citrus, jasmine, orange blossom, dewy leaves, thyme, vetiver, musk

Libertine Fragrance is an independent North American perfume house, blending, bottling & labelling perfumes by hand in Canada. All Libertine Fragrances are vegan and cruelty free, unisex, and made slowly, with love.

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