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"Drape any fragrance in cruelty-free leather. Or wear it alone, you animal!" DS & Durga's Leatherize fragrance enhancer is deep and sexy, strong enough to wear on its own or perfect for deepening another scent with a base of strong dark leather and a hint of smoke.

"I’ve always loved the idea that you could make a perfume a “leather.” It’s such a bold, badass category in general. It’s a bit underground. A bit dangerous. Leather fumes run the gamut from fancy horse people, to bikers, to people of ill repute (like us!).

This is a modern transparent leather that can instantly augment another perfume. Over rose, orange blossom, ylang, and other flowers, it’s as if the petals turn to rawhide. Patchouli, incense and ambers are obvious friends. The next fume in our arsenal for playing around with your perfume." – David Seth Moltz (aka D.S.)

David Seth Moltz

butterscotch leather, cistus, cubeb, pale orris, cypriol, saffron, vegan castoreum, myrrh, cade

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