Le Grand Jeu

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Le Grand Jeu by Voyages Imaginaires is a lush, sultry blend of white flowers and coconut milk. Dreams of a balmy breeze with the scent of blooming gardenias drifting by. Warm sand in the summer, coconut sunscreen on skin. One of the best natural perfumes for tropical scent lovers.

From Voyages Imaginaires
Heads turn towards the arousing scent of wet, tanned bodies, heating in the sun. The full-on charisma of a Bond Girl, or Bond himself.  We see ourselves, in long daringly low-cut evening dress or tuxedo, leaning over the gambling table, charmed, captivated. A summer that can last all year round.

Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal

gardenia, tuberose, coconut milk, vanilla

Every fragrance in the Voyages Imaginaires collection is made from ingredients of natural origin and uses organic alcohol.

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