Vanagloria (Masters' Collection)

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Vanagloria is built around the beloved vanilla bean but takes a sexy turn into warm leather and layers of mystical frankincense. Long-wearing, subtly sweet and spicy — on some a pure gourmand incense, on others a deliciously naughty suede.

Notes: vanilla bean, olibanum (frankincense), saffron, pineapple accord, tonka bean, musk

"For the Masters’ Collection, I wanted to create a perfume that expresses all the richness of Vanilla and its multiple facets. This creation is built around an LMR Vanilla bean of sublime quality, of which I have amplified the most subtle tones. This Bourbon Vanilla, grown in the heart of the Indian Ocean, is extracted using CO2, a cold extraction technique that reveals the full spectrum of its gourmand, floral, leathery and spicy notes. Its leathery character is reinforced by saffron and its addictiveness by the tonka bean, while the enveloping layers of incense add the texture of a mystical aura." – Dominique Ropion (Vanagloria perfumer)

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