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ExpLOud was created by Pierre-Constantin Guéros, a perfumer at Symrise. Originally from France, Pierre worked as a perfumer in Dubai for a number of years, and developed a strong connection to Middle Eastern culture. ExpLOud is built around a smooth blend of elegant ouds, lifted with spice and florals, bolstered by a handsome base of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and amber.

“Oud is the quintessence of wood notes. It is unique by its olfactive profile and sociocultural interest. I wanted to work around oud as a multifaceted diamond, the most precious raw material you can imagine. I had the chance to work with an amazing quality of Oud from Ajmal, located in India. It is the perfect balance of all the facets of oud: smoky, leathery, slightly animalic, vibrant, addictive and powerful. What makes this fragrance perfectly unique is the fresh floral magnolia – Lilybelle accord in the heart, projecting the fragrance to a more bright, enthusiastic and joyful place. Lilybelle® in particular gives an almost aquatic character to the fragrance, which allows the perfume to breathe. Afterwards, I used an overdose of Ambrocenide® and Ambrostar®, that provide a unique sharpness, projection and vibrance. These molecules can virtually make this fragrance last forever. Then, I chose a combination of three exceptional woody raw materials: patchouli heart fraction to convey the darkness of oud, sandalwood album to impart an addictive soft and milky sandalwood effect, and finally our precious vetiver from Madagascar, that possess an earthy, rooty and slightly smoky impression. These three elements combined are like a hybrid of the perfect wood. At the end, the addition of oud  Boya underlines the ambery-woody character of the fragrance.” – Pierre-Constantin Guéros

Notes: black pepper, nutmeg, red berries, coriander, olibanum, magnolia, gardenia, lily, cypriol, oud Ajmal, oud Boya, sandalwood, vetiver Madagascar, patchouli, amber.

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