Interior Alchemy: The Spiritualist

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Enlighten your rooms and elevate your vibes with The Spiritualist by Heretic Parfum, a meditative blend of incense and resins enlivened by juniper and spice. Use as a room spray or on the skin as an eau de toilette.

From Heretic
Our fragrances harness the aromatherapeutic power of the plant materials they’re composed of. The botanical ingredients in The Spiritualist are designed to open the crown chakra, stimulating spirituality and higher consciousness. Connect to higher consciousness by enveloping yourself in frankincense, olibanum, juniper, and cardamom. Allow this sacred blend of herbs and resins to clear away negative energies and welcome the sublime to your space and surroundings.

Douglas Little

palo santo, frankincense, cedar, olibanum, juniper, cardamom

About the Interior Alchemy Collection
Alchemy is an ancient science and philosophy which aims to transform the primal into the sublime. Heretic's Interior Alchemy Collection honors this enduring practice with three interior fragrances designed to metamorphose the ordinary into the extraordinary. These magical elixirs are crafted from lush botanicals that are woven together into a tapestry of scent and sensuality. Each fragrance is designed to conjure a world, a mood and a vibe, and to enhance any environment.

Mist two to three times in your immediate area. The scent will last about an hour. Use more as needed. Also safe for use on the skin as an Eau de Toilette if desired.

Heretic Parfums handcrafted fragrances surpass all industry standards of “clean” with their plant-based ingredients blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol. Formulated with Heretic's proprietary blend of naturally derived ingredients and safe synthetics. Vegan-friendly & Cruelty-free.

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