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The four seasons in a single box, to connect you olfactively to nature and its cycles throughout the year.

With INSIDE SCENTS, Bravanariz brings the great aromas of their Catalan landscapes to your home, so you and the ones you love can keep up with the cycles of nature all year long and enjoy its wonders. One fragrance for each season to fill your house or your working place with the changing scents of the wild. Because just like eating seasonal products does us good, seasonal smelling also benefits us, tuning up our inner cycles with those of nature. Because after all, we are nature. INSIDE SCENTS will help you remember that and will bring the joy of the Mediterranean inside your house and inside you.

Includes four fold-out posters. On one side you'll find a beautiful illustration by Sonia Estévez inspired by each of the seasons and on the other a personal text from the Bravanariz's creator, Ernesto Collado, sharing his “strabismic” vision of the seasons and their aromas.

UsesINSIDE SCENTS, apart from having a lower concentration of essence and alcoholic graduation, do not differ from any of Bravanariz's other fragrances. The high quality of its raw materials (organic molasses alcohol, 100% natural essential oils, tinctures and hydrolates) is exactly the same, so you can use them perfectly as a perfume (subtler, if you want), spraying it on your skin and hair.

To change the vibes of a space, you can spray them in the air, but for greater longevity it's recommended you spray on fabrics (curtains, carpets, upholstery) at a minimum 25cm (9,8 in) distance to avoid possible stains.

You can also spray them on clothing items such as scarves, jackets or coats to dress up with the scents of each season.

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