Holy Oak

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Fragrance Description
Holy Oak by LVNEA alchemizes the aromas of deep, damp oakwood and the dry warmth of cedar to evoke the sound, sight, and smell of a well-worn cabin woodframe creaking against the weight of tempestuous rainfall as it begins to slow. Notes of wet bark, glistening green leaves and drenched soil, with subtle wafts of frankincense coiling between the mighty branches of moss-laden oak trees.

From Lvnea
The gloaming threatens o'er the rain-soaked chapel, frankincense wafting from the towers into the wet arboreous surroundings, awakening the wild rose and the stillest of hearts.

April Lea

galbanum, cedar leaf, petrichor, rose, frankincense, cedarwood, oakwood, oakmoss

All-natural, botanical, & vegan

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