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Hip Hop is a long-wearing, sweet, boozy scent that blends cognac with blackcurrant, resins, musks and a rich swirl of cacao and dark chocolate. Following his earlier works Disco and Techno, Hip-Hop is the third and newest release in Zernell Gillie's eponymous, music-inspired collection of fragrances.

From Zernell Gillie
A signature scent worthy fragrance inspired by Hip-Hop music produced in the 90's.

Zernell Gillie

black currant, bergamont, saffron, cognac, hedione, labdanum, green notes, white musc, ambroxan, cacao, dark chocolate

Unisex. Each bottle is hand poured in the United States. Vegan & cruelty-free. Sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, palm oil free, with no added colors.

Join us and Zernell Gillie on September 9, 2023 for Hip Hop's Launch

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