Photo of six Guy Fox 2ml spray samples: Jefe, JP, Marra, Mikul, Preston and Tyler

Guy Fox Sample Set

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Try six of Guy Fox's most popular fragrances with this discovery set. This California-based indie brand specializes in everyday-wear fragrances at accessible prices. Co-founder Liam Eriksson is a great friend of our store. 🦊

The Guy Fox Sample Set has generous 2ml spray samples of the following:

JefeAquatic - mandarin, grapefruit, sea notes, bay leaf, oakmoss, patchouli
MikulFresh/Floral - basil, grapefruit, orange blossom, cedar, amber
MarraFresh/Citrus - bergamot, Brazilian rosewood, pepper, rosemary, musk
JPAromatic - ginger, grapefruit, sage, apple, cashmere wood, vetiver
Preston - Green/Aromatic- crisp apple, pink pepper, tonka bean
Tyler - Citrus/Green - coastal sage, coconut water, juniper

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