Grapefruit Generation

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Grapefruit Generation by DS & Durga is a sparkling citrus fragrance "inspired by an inspired time", the sixties. Referencing elements of a specific generational shift when something opened up and timeless ideas reemerged. An era of exploration, outward leading to inner, the magic of which is captured in Yoko Ono's revered 1964 book of art, music and performance instructions, Grapefruit.

Dive into uplifting layers of juicy citrus, float with fresh-cut white flowers, and sink into soft silky musk.

"GG celebrates the exploration of a mythic Eastern garden where a quixotic freshness unfolds many layers of fruits, flowers, leaves and musks (and gems and colors and generations generating generations)." - DS & Durga

Notes: pomelo skin, elm leaf, silver, hawthorn flower, tuberose, Paradisone, cork, grapefruit, vegan animalic musk

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