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Bravanariz Inside Scents bring the aromas of coastal Catalonia, Spain to your home, so you can keep up with the cycles of nature throughout the year and enjoy its wonders. One fragrance for each season to fill your house or your working place with the changing scents of the wild. Just like eating seasonal goods, seasonal smelling also benefits us — tuning our inner cycles with those of nature. Because after all, we are nature. 

Gener ("January" in Catalan) carries the best of winter. The freshness of the citrus, the earthy notes of moss and the woody and green aromas of the oak forests.

Winter is a gestation season. Everything is there, but potentially, preparing to be. It is a season for reflection and introspection. In the countryside, it is the season for planning by the fire. The sun heats and shines less, you have to reserve energy, to be economical. It is the least ostentatious and superficial season. Everything tends to depth. That is why the appearance of citrus fruits comes to contrast that, bringing brightness and joy.

Plants & benefits:
Orange/ Naranja (Citrus sinensis), Lemon/Limón (Citrus limon), Bergamot/Bergamota (Citrus bergamia): The citrus trident par excellence, famous for their ability to generate well-being, peace and mental happiness. They raise the spirits, awaken the senses, and contrast with the lethargic and dark trend of winter.

Juniper/Enebro (Juniperus communis), Pine/ Pino (Pinus sylvestris), Mastic/ Lentisco (Pistacea lentiscus): This soulful cocktail is joined by the antiseptic properties of juniper and pine, which, together with the mastic, a very interesting and little-used green note, improve respiratory decongestion and strengthen our defenses.

Oakmoss / Musgo de encina (Evernia prunastri): With its balsamic effect and earthy note, it gives it a depth that fits well with the station’s underground mood.

The Inside Scents, apart from having a lower concentration of essence and alcoholic graduation, do not differ in any way from the other Bravanariz fragrances. The high quality of its raw materials (organic molasses alcohol, 100% natural essential oils, tinctures and hydrolates) is exactly the same, so you can use them perfectly as a perfume (subtler, if you want), spraying it on your skin and hair. To change the vibes of a space, you can spray it in the air, but for greater permanence it is advisable to do it on fabrics (curtains, carpets, upholstery) as long as you respect the minimum 25cm (9,8 in) distance to avoid possible stains. You can also spray it on clothing items such as scarves or coats to dress up with the scents of each season.

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