Fischersund No. 54

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Fischersund No. 54 is a go-to woody scent for its warm and comforting accord of vetiver, patchouli and animalistic musk.

Fresh coat of varnish on a wooden shed. Uprooted moss, wet dirt and vetiver roots. Burnt car tires on hot asphalt and dry patchouli. Heavy slow-drying oil painting. Icelandic alpine fir, footsteps in frozen grass and salt liquorice. Dirty leather, animalistic musk and ammonia.

Handmade in Iceland. Wildcrafted sustainably. Available as an eau de parfum and a solid perfume. The 50ml eau de parfum comes wrapped in a bandana with a design by co-founder Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir capturing the No. 54 scent and its inspirations.

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