Divine Vanille

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Essential Parfum's Divine Vanille by perfumer Olivier Pescheux is a spicy, creamy vanilla that's surprisingly elegant, sophisticated and decidedly unisex. 

"This perfume is a celebration of vanilla absolute from Madagascar. I love it for its depth, its sensuality, its elegance and its addiction. I wanted to transcribe its soft, spicy and carnal facets, all infused with mystery." – Olivier Pescheux

Divine Vanille's signature ingredient, vanilla absolute, is sustainably produced on the island of Madagascar. A blend of natural cinnamon bark and natural osmanthus create spicy-leathery tones with rich facets of tobacco and dried fruits. Natural cedarwood and patchouli fractions bring a creamy woody structure, while natural tonka bean and benzoin enhance the balsamic facets of the vanilla. Finally, silky musks wrap the fragrance with a luminous veil.

This is an eau de parfum with a concentration of 16%. Ingredients are selected to maximize sustainability and are 89% natural, including beetroot-derived alcohol. Free of colorants, vegan and cruelty free, phthalate free.

Olivier Pescheux

vanilla absolute, cinnamon, black pepper, clary sage, osmanthus, leather, tobacco, cedarwood, patchouli, incense, tonka bean, benzoin, musks

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