Dirty Vanilla

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Heretic writes, "Through rows of twirling tendrils and tangled vines grows a rare flower that blossoms only once a year for one day only. A hermaphroditic flower with both male and female organs nestled deep in the throat of the bloom. Her name is Vanilla Planifolia – a delicate orchid requiring sensitive care and a nurtured harvest. On the day of her opening, a farmer must gently pollinate her and wait up to 9 months until her thick base swells into the long seedpod we know as the vanilla bean. It’s then plucked from the vine and cured until that divine aroma of true raw vanilla finally reveals herself.

She is a complex creature with unmistakable allure, from first shy blossom to aromatic climax. For this seductress, Dirty Vanilla was born. A warm, hypnotic fragrance teeming with natural vine-grown vanilla on a bed of rich amber musk. It is our interpretation of the orchid herself. A beautiful enigma, a subtle femme fatale."

SENSUAL & EMOTIONALLY HEALING. Stimulates passion and sexuality while helping to maintain emotional balance.

CHAKRA: Sacral

VANILLA PLANIFOLIA OIL: Emotional & Sexual Wellness
SANDALWOOD OIL: Grounding & Meditative

Notes: cedar, coriander, ho wood, vanilla CO2, styrax, vanillin, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood.

Dirty Vanilla is 100% natural and cruelty-free.

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