Deep Dark Vanilla

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Deep Dark Vanilla celebrates real vanilla absolute in all its toasted glory. A sophisticated and rich not-too-sweet vanilla gourmand, Deep Dark Vanilla is a knockout perfume that pays tribute to the penetrative power and mysterious depth of vanilla pods and leaves.

From David Moltz AKA D.S.
Rich & smoky vanilla absolute is one the most beautiful materials in perfumery. It can secretly blend behind things in a way synthetic vanilla cannot. Synthetic vanilla based fragrances are usually sugary sweet & cloying. On skin real vanilla is warm and gourmand recalling jungle vines & good times.

David Moltz AKA D.S.

cabreuva, orchid, pink pepper, vines, green vanilla leaves, cypress root, vanilla absolute, dark patchouli, hay

100% vegan, never tested on animals (other than the humans that work at D.S. & Durga), and paraben/phthalate free.

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