Dark Romance Voyageur

Dark Romance Voyageur

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Sets of three fragrances from each scent collection express different facets of your personality. Choose a collection that matches your state of mind—thoughtful and flirtatious Dark Romance, warm and confident Renaissance, or romantic and wistful Anima. Plus, the luxurious travel case lets you bring your favorite anywhere in the world.

The Dark Romance Voyageur includes:

Sweet Taboo: Obsessive and intoxicating, this fragrance inspires you to break taboos in search of pleasure. Gourmand notes like coffee, cardamom, and vanilla create a seductive atmosphere few can resist.

Tokyo Blue: This floral blend exudes freshness, not sweetness, capturing the depth and intelligence of jazz notes from a saxophone. The fragrance foregrounds the metallic, aqueous scent of violet leaf in an homage to Chris’ father, who favored violet colognes.

Oud Galoré: The word “galore” implies near-infinite abundance. Wear this resinous, otherworldly fragrance to see the things you desire multiply around you. Oud, also known as Agarwood, is overwhelmingly popular in the Middle East and Asia—it’s indescribably sexy and entrancing.

Size: 3 x 7.5 ML w/ Travel Case

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