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CYCLE 001 is Maison Violet's first limited edition fragrance (only 1,000 bottles were made). The eco-friendly packaging was refillable and a 200ml (6.8 oz) refill in an aluminum canister is still available for sale only if you've purchased a 75ml Cycle 001 bottle previously.

Inspired by the olfactive structure of angelica root, CYCLE 001 transports you to a world between abstraction and reality. This uncommonly used plant shines through its dark and sensual facets.

Incense and pepper lift up the mineral and spicy specter of the flower, bringing you depth and highlighting character. Ambrox extends the memorable wake of the fragrance while the musks surround you under their soft and reassuring spell.

A percentage of sales is donated to the Bee Fund, supporting one of nature's most important creatures.

Notes: angelica root, iris, pepper, ambrox, frankincense, white musk

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