Ocean of a Midnight Moon

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Ocean of a Midnight Moon by Simone Andreoli smells like a cool cocktail of saltwater, citrus peel, mint, and ginny juniper splashed over a warm, woody base of driftwood and fir. A unisex, brisk marine aquatic cologne.

From Simone Andreoli
The white foam of an overwhelming wave carries the oceanic freshness of a night sea illuminated by the glow of the moon. A refined, rich and captivating fragrance that releases all the strength of the sea and its deep freshness in the time of night. Marine scents and sparkling citruses join aromatic notes of mint, myrtle and juniper berries. Mediterranean salt that crystallizes on driftwood, beaten by the waves and shaped by the night sea of Formentera.

Simone Andreoli

seawater, citrus peel, mint, myrtle, juniper berries, oakmoss, fir, leather, driftwood

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