Cèdre Superfluide

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Plum and rose enrich this perfect spiced wood fragrance by Les Eaux Primordiales. Cèdre Superfluid is one of the best cedar scents we've smelled.

From Les Eaux Primordiales
The powerful yet sophisticated scent of cedar transports us to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains at dusk. Aromas of rose and everlasting flower are our travel companions and reveal velvety plum notes at dawn. An addictive mist breaks free, leaving vanilla and saffron to brighten up our day.

From Arnaud Poulain
“Atlas Cedar is a precious wood that conjures up the aroma of shavings in our cabinet-making workshops. This majestic tree has always appealed to me. It unfurls many facets, strong and sweet, like the smell of a pencil being sharpened. It is a rich material that commands calm and creativity. Like the cabinetmaker who carves a beautiful piece of furniture, I wanted to create a beautiful fragrance and add a new strong and delicate decorative element to the SUPERFLUIDE collection with spicy and woody notes tinged with rose and everlasting flower.”

Arnaud Poulain & Amélie Bourgeois

pink pepper, thyme, everlasting flower, plum, rose, Ambroxan, saffron, Australian sandalwood, vanilla

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