Bois Impérial

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Essential Parfum's Bois Impérial by perfumer Quentin Bisch is a smooth, subtle wood scent. The best-seller of the line, it doesn't fail to turn heads and elicit compliments.

“I created this fragrance around a precious and extraordinary wood: Akigalawood.  Adorned with fresh spices, it is a great woody note made of contrasts, between patchouli and Thai basil.” – Quentin Bisch

Majestic Akigalawood is the signature of the fragrance. It isn't a type of tree, but rather an ingredient that is upcycled from patchouli through a biotechnology process. Its unique spicy-woody character is enhanced here by a rich Indonesian patchouli oil and Ambrofix, a powerful woody-ambery note.

The fragrance opens with freshly crushed and spicy Thai basil leaves and the peppery and grapefruit facets of Nepalese Timut pepper absolute. This is a brilliant combination that contrasts perfectly with the bold woody signature of the fragrance. A freesia note adds sophistication and Haitian vetiver oil adds a touch of rich earthiness.

This is an eau de parfum with a concentration of 16%. Ingredients are selected to maximize sustainability and are 93% natural, including beetroot-derived alcohol. Free of colorants, vegan and cruelty free, phthalate free.

Quentin Bisch

Akigalawood, Thai basil, black pepper, freesia, vetiver, Georgywood, patchouli, Ambrofix

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