Big Sur After Rain Candle by DS&Durga

Big Sur After Rain Candle

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In Big Sur, there is a wonderful micro climate from the heat and the fog. Redwoods and other conifers hide groves off the side of the road.  Eucalyptus abounds. But it doesn’t yet smell medicinal like the oil in a sauna. It is still thick with green shoots saturated with their perfumed freshness. The long spears of the Eucalyptus dart out from the branch, eventually falling to the floor creating a dry russet underbrush. When it rains, the earth is soaked and the scent of the eucalyptus combines with the fog to make an almost natural medicine lodge. Through the cracks in the trees you can see the sweeping waves. 7oz candle.

David Seth Moltz

coastal rain, eucalyptus, magnolia, pacific spray, eucalyptus leaf, wet wood

7 oz. perfumed candle

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