Bengale Rouge

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A golden fur, swathed in sandalwood and doused in honey.

Sweet myrrh purrs behind a warm, rosy skin, misted with oakmoss and dappled in the rich shades of a leopard's fur.

A cozy, caramel comfort glows from a gourmand heart, while sweet tonka slinks an opulent softness upon your skin.

"The muse for this perfume is my Bengal cat, Mimi. I have always been captivated by the beauty of her fur and her natural perfume. I didn’t want to create a literal fragrance, rather a re-imagining of the notes that lay upon her leopard coat. It was important that this perfume brought the comfort and warmth that so many of us receive from our pets, as well as do justice to Mimi’s natural elegance and grace. I moved away from dramatic, feral notes and focused upon a domesticated cosiness that would embrace the wearer with the same snugness and pleasure that I feel when I am with her. I wanted to include some of the oriental facets of the Bengal cats’ origins; unique, elegant and striking, I hoped to capture the majesty and mystery of these beautiful creatures in a sumptuous and soft perfume." - Liz Moore, Perfumer of Bengale Rouge, on its inspiration

Notes: sandalwood, oakmoss, Turkish rose, honey, vanilla, tonka and sweet myrrh.

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