2018 Roxo Tonic

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2018 Roxo Tonic by Les Bains Guerbois is like a sparkling aromatic citrus cocktail with lemon, ginger and a splash of black tea, sipped in the warmth of a dark room scented with vetiver and sweet woods.

From Les Bains Guerbois
Roxo is a party. A place. A color. Materials like leather, lacquer, wood, enameled lava. Organic shapes. A place where day meets night in a dance of light and shadow. Encounters of all kinds. Intoxicated by one’s surroundings as by a powerful cocktail. Roxo Tonic. Bergamot, Lemon and Ginger. Gentian, Neroli and Tea. Vetiver, Ambroxan and Musk. A fragrance under the influence. A moment of joy, desire, free-spirited. Totally free and sparkling.

Fanny Bal

bergamot, Calabrian lemon, ginger, French gentian, Tunisian neroli, tea, Haitian vetiver, ambroxan, musk

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