2015 Le Phénix

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With 2015 Le Phénix, Les Bains Guerbois welcomes us into their vibrant world with a harmonious and slightly earthy blend of patchouli, cedar and papyrus. Ginger and cardamom enliven the opening while resins and musks relax and linger until closing time.

From Les Bains Guerbois
In Paris nothing disappears, anything can come back to life. In 2015 the Bains rises again. Once again everything goes in the Maison Guerbois under the deeply burnished domes and cupolas, in a subtle spiral of cardamom and ginger, patchouli and cedar wood, incense and amber. The Spa, the nightclub, the hotel. Dance, linger, dream, perspire, drink, watch, sense, seduce, doze. All the yesterdays and now. This is LES BAINS: 1885, 1978, 2015.

Michel Almairac

ginger, cardamom, patchouli, cedar, papyrus, incense, musk

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