1900 L'Heure de Proust

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1900 L'Heure de Proust by Les Bains Guerbois is composed around a strikingly unique blend of juicy blueberries with pomelo tea — a "wow" combination supported by streamlined leather, violet and amber.

From Les Bains Guerbois
Paris at the Belle Epoque. A remembrance of Proust at the Bains Guerbois with a cherished confidante. After a steam bath and massage, time slows and tea is served. Black blueberry and pomelo tea. The moment for secrets divulged, whispered close. The odor of Tuscan leather, scent of violet, mate and vanilla. Which of them smells so divine? Is it him or her? Intertwined perfumes. Fragrance lost, fragrance regained.

Jérôme Epinette

bergamot, blueberry, pomelo, violet, black tea, Tuscan leather, maté, guaiac, praline, vanilla, amber

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