1885 Bains Sulfureux

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1885 Bains Sulfureux by Les Bains Guerbois is an elegantly aromatic niche fragrance that transports us to the relaxing beauty of a stone-and-steam spa. Smooth resinous incense wafts through subtle florals and green herbs before sinking into a warm bath of musk and tonka.

From Les Bains Guerbois
Climb the front steps and enter the Bains Guerbois. This is Paris, 1885. The newly opened temple of well-being and beauty emanates fragrances of flowers, plants and herbs. The scent of an evocative concoction blending bergamot, jasmine, rosemary and mandarin wafts from the Turkish and Russian baths. The very air of the establishment is full of a thousand essences of tolu, labdanum, tonka, benzoin, incense and musk. Enchantment and release for body and spirit.

Dorothée Piot

bergamot, rosemary, blackcurrant, mandarine orange blossom, jasmine, tolu balsam, benzoin, cashmere wood, incense, tonka, sandalwood, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, musk

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