004: Gin, Mandarin & Musk

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Bon Parfumeur's popular perfume 004: Gin, Mandarin & Musk opens on a gin note imparted by juniper berry, a zesty cold spice that adds vigor and modernity, paired with a cocktail of citrus fruits including Italian lemon, bergamot and mandarin. A warming hint of nutmeg helps to transition from the heart notes to the base of Indonesian patchouli, which brings warmth to this icy, sparkling cocktail with its earthy, mossy notes of smoked wood. Lastly, tobacco, tonka bean and white musks temper our cologne and give it staying power – enough to awaken the mixologist within you.

Notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, mandarin, juniper berries, ginger, nutmeg, tobacco, tonka beans, Indonesian patchouli, white musks

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