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Unabashedly animalic, completely polarizing and sneakily sexy, Zoologist Hyrax focuses on the scent of hyracium, one of perfume's most intense musks. Searching for some skanky goodness? Try a sample of Hyrax STAT. 

From Zoologist
Climbing to its perch in the morning sky, the African sun reaches across a mountain range to caress a wide, flat boulder, baking it to a gentle heat. From the shade of a narrow crevice, a family of hyrax emerges, hot dust dulling the sheen of their golden fur. They settle onto the warm expanse of rock to partake in their ritual sunbath, but remain ever vigilant. The shadow of a soaring eagle rushes across the ground. With an urgent squeal, the alarm is sounded - the colony dashes for cover. As the heat from sweltering sun intensifies, ancient aromas are coaxed from the scorched rocks, sparse vegetation and petrified hyraceum. Eerily, they intertwine to form a scent that is both primitive and exotic, its animalistic tendencies tamed by an undercurrent of sweet flowers.

At the heart of Zoologist Hyrax is a daring, seldom-used ingredient in the art of perfumery –– African stone, or hyraceum, giving this bold animalic scent its distinctive signature. This unique perfume skillfully blends saffron, pink pepper, whiskey, rose and musks to invoke an abstract image of a dusty African mountainscape. Like the nimble hyraxes that spill from hillside crevices in search of the sun upon their musky hides, this scent will weave its way into your senses with a light but primal touch.

Sven Pritzkoleit

elemi, pink pepper, saffron, Turkish rose, African Stone, hyacinth, styrax, whiskey, amber, benzoin, castoreum, civet, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka

African Stone is a by-product of hyraxes and no animals are harmed in its harvesting. Zoologist Hyrax is not a vegan perfume. No other animal ingredients are contained in this fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Can’t stop smelling this

Look, I was aware of Hyrax’s reputation before I put it on. But I refuse to see only slander on God’s green Internet. I got a sample YESTERDAY and am already dreaming of upgrading to full-size.
I believe the hyraceum settles into the skin beautifully, giving more better-than-naked than stinky zoo creature. Definitely no need to respritz throughout the day as others have said, it stays. Will I definitely be wearing this on hot dates with my hippie boyfriend? Of course. But I think there is something to appreciate in Hyrax’s weird little mix for everyone.

Hippie paradise

I can see some of my hippie, earthy and crunchy bubs wearing this. Definitely not intended for most folks. Reminds me of hot and sweaty bodies at summer music festivals, and the after-party at night sitting around a circle in the grass. If you can wear strong musks, have a spirit animal or want attention from alternative lifestyle practitioners this may work for you. For me: I do one spray only and it lasts all day: A reminder that I, too, am a furry strange creature on this planet.

Want to start a rumor at work?

This scent is strong as the other reviews mentioned. This would be a great scent to wear at a smoke filled bar or camp fire, but not one I'd wear to work or else rumors will fly about me. The good news is the scent remains on you for a long time. Overall, not a fragrance I'd wear.

Mary Grace
Hyrax is strong

I have never gagged while testing perfume before but I dry heaved to this one. Animalistic is right. Saffron and pepper and two of my favorite notes and I cannot smell anything in this other than…the best word is secretion. To its credit, it is unique. But it’s a resounding no from me.

Smells Like Zoo Camp

Do you know what a Hyrax is? It creates Hyraceum. Hyraceum is "the petrified and rock-like excrement composed of both urine and feces excreted by the Hyrax ... The material hardens and ages until it becomes a fairly sterile, rock-like material that contains compounds giving it an animalic, deeply complex fermented scent that combines the elements of musk, castoreum, civet, tobacco and agarwood." It smells like zoo camp, because... its poop.

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