Amber Absolutely

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Ancient. Forever. Celebrated for its unique ability to preserve a moment for eternity. Sought after for its intoxicating beauty and mystique. Layered with the rich details of a timeless tapestry, from the fresh ripeness of plum and black currant to the smooth air of Rose, the golden rich honey of Amber peeks atop Cedarwood and Vetiver, preserving deeper mysteries within a bold and polished surface.

Intoxicating. Mysterious. Classic and yet truly unique, Amber Absolutely splashes boldly and lingers within the heart and the imagination. Luxe. Opulent. Comforting. The trap is set. Once the prey is enveloped, the moment is locked in time.

Seductive attraction
Unforgiving invitation
Lush and bold
Timeless cravings
Appetites aroused
The lover’s embrace
Two become forever one

Layered with rich plum and rose, dripping with honied amber and labdanum, warmed with polished woods.

Rasei Fort

plum, amber, benzoin, labdanum, musk, honey, rose, vetiver, cedarwood

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