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Perfume sample sets are a perfect way to experience the olfactory aesthetics and ethos of niche fragrance brands before you pick your favorite scents. And, they make great gifts for your fragrance-curious friends. The majority of these sample sets contain a range of classically masculine, classically feminine and unisex scents. Or, better said, something for everyone.

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Masque Milano Discovery Set containing 16x2ml perfume samples of Masque Milano perfumes: Hemingway,  Kintsugi,  L’Attesa,  Lost Alice,  Love Kills,  Luci ed Ombre,  Mandala,  Montecristo,  Ray-Flection,  Russian Tea,  Romanza,  Sleight of Fern,  Tango,  Terralba,  Times Square,  White Whale
Masque Milano Discovery Set
2ml spay samples of 16 perfumes
Masque Milano
$ 95.00