Purple Mantra

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Room 1015's Purple Mantra focuses the mind on the transcendental voice within, until it merges with your own senses. Breathe it in and it is released. Slow and deep inhaling of the invisible, it fills your aura with iridescent light, the unexpected blast of INCENSE purifies your thoughts. The purple scent of LAVENDER touches your senses, calming the nervous system. All unnecessary distractions are slowly washed away, your mind is a blank page, ready for a revelation or a revolution within. Weightless, everything is possible when your spirit is light like an IRIS petal. A sudden sparkle of PINK BERRIES makes you smile, here it comes, the manifestation of inner peace. While MARJORAM gently weeps, the whisper of WHITE FLOWERS balances your senses and a CLARY SAGE softly takes you higher. Transparent echoes of AMBROXAN and MUSKS escape upward from your spiritual depths, crossing the barrier between earth and heaven in plumes of MYRRH. All boundaries are pushed. The transcendental source of the creative spirit within you is finally unlocked. Like never before, you are hearing this voice, clearly. Now exhale… and create. 

"In 1968, The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India, to meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He introduced them to Transcendental Meditation, an alternative to psychedelic drugs as a tool to attaining higher consciousness and boosting creativity. The long meditation sessions resulted in recording the White Album, one of the most creative records ever produced… PURPLE MANTRA is an olfactory experience designed to bring the pleasurable feeling of inner calm into your daily life. Allow it to amplify the voice of Intuition and quieten everything else." – Dr. Mike (Founder and Creative Director)

Perfumer: Serge De Oliveira

Notes: incense, lavender, freesia, pink pepper, iris, transparent floral accord, clary sage, myrrh, amboxan and musk*.

* All Room 1015 fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free.

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