D.S. & DURGA launched in 2007 DIY Brooklyn, led by husband-and-wife team David and Kavi Moltz. Together they've built this pioneering and intriguing brand with David (D.S.) as the Perfumer and Kavi (Durga) the Creative Director. 

That means D.S. is really the perfumer. He taught himself how to make perfume by immersing himself in all things fragrant. He is passionate about translating musical and literary spaces into scent. Each fragrance is conceived and constructed by D.S. with no middleman or interpretation from an outside perfumer.

Kavi approaches her work like an architect – her trade by training. Thinking in angles, light, shadow, and texture, Kavi seeks clarity in form and function. She builds buildings for the scents, cities for the D.S. & Durga universe. Read our 2021 interview with David and Kavi for more on DS&D.

Image of 50ml Eau de Parfum
Mississippi Medicine
DS & Durga
$ 5.00 - $ 280.00