Amber Kiso

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Amber Kiso is a bold, resinous and rich perfume. Not your typical powdery amber-vanilla scent, the scent is dark and woody with sublime incense, patchouli and leather.

Perfumer David Seth Moltz's composition pays tribute to a ritual in the holy Kiso forest, evoking the ceremonial katana unguent of rare woods, temple incense and leather bushi armor.

Hinoki wood’s strong timber has been used for temples, Noh theaters, baths, and masu. Hinoki from the Kiso forest was sourced for the holy Ise shrine in Mie Prefecture. Sawara Cypress is a sturdy lemon scented “false” cypress with red stringy bark. The timber is also used for temples and shrines. It grows wild on the islands of Kyushu and Honshu. Asahi zuru maple is an ancient variety of maple native to Japan with beautifully ornate pink, white, and green leaves. Its name means “swan at dawn.”

David Seth Moltz

Japanese cedar, incense, samara cypress, Asahi zuru maple, patchouli, iris, hinoki, leather, treemoss

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