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Inspired by music he was exposed to at an island summer camp, perfumer David Moltz bottled the sound of the Pixies song, Debaser, playing in the summer heat. This iconic indie perfume is a satisfying blend of fresh green leaves, creamy fig, moss notes and white musk — perfect for a summer picnic or laze in the grass. In the words of the perfumer himself:

"Music is essential to life. I was born in a house of blues—dad’s from Chicago. At 9 I went to camp on an island. Cool older punk kids showed me the Misfits and the Pixies. (One of those kids was actually comedian Rob Delaney).

That summer was ruled by Doolittle. The provocative lyrics. The cackle of Frank Black. I absorbed it in the summer heat.

August humidity. Young romance. Debaser is hot, humid, sexy. Green stems, deep purple fig, soft blond woods, a wet white ethereal musk, and the coumarin-vanillic note of tonka bean." — DS

David Seth Moltz

bergamot, green leaf, pear stem, fig, coconut milk, iris, blond woods, tonka bean, moss

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