Portable Fireplace Candle by DS&Durga

Portable Fireplace Candle

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Nothing is cozier than a fireplace. The hearth brings us back to that ancient desire for warmth. The smell of a fireplace alone makes us think of the country, the holidays, the joys of cooler weather. Family gatherings, reading, romance, old world – associations are plentiful. In the speed of the modern world, especially in the city, it is rarer to have a working fireplace – or to take the time to light a fire. It’s a commitment. D.S. & Durga created this candle to give you the scent and feeling of a having a gentle fire roaring wherever you may be.

David Seth Moltz

dwarf pine wood, atlas cedar, smoke, oak ash, cedar, birch, brick tar, copaiba resin

7 oz. perfumed candle

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