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Zoologist is consistently one of our top selling niche fragrance brands, with their groundbreaking collection of eau de parfums and extraits built around perfumers' olfactory imaginings of animals. Working with innovative indie perfumers and in-demand classically trained noses, brand founder Victor Wong inspires exploration of the many facets of animals and their environments, as he explains:

"At Zoologist Perfumes, our fascination with animals is boundless. Their habitats, behaviours and looks; their similarities and differences with humans, and even their smells give us a lot to ponder. Their cunning inspires us, their agility resonates with our primal instincts, and their cuteness makes us giggle. Our line of perfumes captures the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom and transforms them into scents that are unusual, beautiful, fun and even shocking. Our scents will reconnect you with the manifold delights of the natural world. Our products are free from natural animal-derived musks; they have been replaced with synthetic ones for ethical reasons." — Victor Wong, Zoologist Perfumes Founder and Creative Director

Read our 2023 interview with Victor Wong about Cardinal, and our 2022 interview about Seahorse.

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1 product

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Cockatiel Special Edition By Zoologist 60ml Eau de Parfum in a broad shouldered rectangular tapered clear glass bottle with a tan leather and gold banded cap, with a light yellow label bordered in gold featuring a detailed black and white illustration of a cockatiel. 2019 Winner Artisan Perfume Art & Olfaction badge.
Cockatiel by Zoologist - 60ml bottle of Zoologist Cockatiel Extrait de Parfum shown next to box with illustrated portrait of Zoologist Cockatiel
Champagne and mimosa with sugar-dusted red fruits
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