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Perfume sample sets are a perfect way to experience the olfactory aesthetics and ethos of niche fragrance brands before you pick your favorite scents. And, they make great gifts for your fragrance-curious friends.

Viaggio in Italia Sample Kit By Laboratorio Olfattivo  inside an elegant yellow box with an embossed gold foil label
The Amalfi Coast, the landscape inspiring Viaggio in Italia Sample Kit By Laboratorio Olfattivo. Ripe lemons on a branch hanging over a sea wall, looking out over a beach cove, with a coastal cliffside village in the distance.
Viaggio in Italia Sample Kit
Four citrus-forward scents by Jean-Claude Ellena
Laboratorio Olfattivo
$ 29.00
Sold Out
Chris Collins Anima Collection Sample Set
Try all three fresh scents in the Anima Collection
Chris Collins
$ 10.00