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French niche fragrance house Room 1015 is the brainchild of Michael Partouche, aka Dr. Mike, who brings his Phd in Pharmacology and years as a guitar player in London rock bands to create vibrant music-inspired perfumes. With wildly popular scents such as Cherry Punk and Sonic Flower this excellent brand is on the rise.

"Treating the illness of 'anonymity' with powerful scented potions, bandaging vacant souls with perfumes featuring perfect accords, countering the effects of the passing time with indelible trails." — Dr. Mike, Room 1015

Read our 2022 interview with Dr. Mike about Purple Mantra, and our 2021 interview about Room 1015. 

Ten Fifteen Eau de Parfum by Room 1015 | 100ml Eau de Parfumin a modern, squat, cylindrical smoky grey glass bottle with a heavy, rounded base. Sculptural cap is black, and made of marbled resin cut into a 3D dodecahedron shape. Room 1015 Ten Fifteen Eau de Parfum is printed on bottle in ash-grey, hairline script style type, and is centered on front of bottle.
Ten Fifteen Eau de Parfum by Room 1015 | 10ml Refillable Perfume Travel Spray | Slim, cylindrical, clear glass bottle with a silver atomizer. Room 1015 Ten Fifteen Eau de Parfum printed in black, uppercase, sans-serif type, centered on side of bottle and in a vertical orientation
Ten Fifteen
Delicate violet over sandalwood and smoked papyrus
Room 1015
$ 5.00 - $ 145.00