1992 Purple Night

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1992 Purple Night by Les Bains Guerbois is what happens when one of the world's best perfumers pays tribute to one of the greatest musical artists of our time. Dominique Ropion's wonderful tuberose fragrance is inspired by The Purple One himself, Prince, who visited Les Bains Douches nightclub during 1992 for dinner and surprise shows. A creamy white floral blend with sweet mandarin, lush suede and subtle patchouli. 

From Les Bains Guerbois
He comes to Les Bains in a limo. The rumors precede him. Crowds outside, just as crowded inside. He has dinner, no rush, then goes down to the club, leaving a strong trail of heady perfume. Tuberose, tonka bean, patchouli and woody amber. He climbs on stage. For fun and for free. For the pleasure. For the club. For those who happened to be there. A concert! Total magic. It is raining sounds, colors, scents. How many artists, how many dreamlike moments came to life that year at Les Bains?

From Dominique Ropion
“The idea was to create a fragrance that reflects the paradox that Prince represents as an artist: total exuberance as well as great sensitivity. At the heart of the creation is the tuberose, a flower so multiple, which appeared to me as an evidence, and we chose to bring to it bewitching leathery inflections but also an extremely fresh departure around the tangerine… If I had to define it in three words: Exuberant, Sensitive and Avant-Gardist!”

Dominique Ropion

Calabrian mandarin, Indian tuberose, Egyptian jasmine, tobacco accord, suede accord, Indonesian patchouli

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