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Image of Bravanariz Mel solid perfume in black plastic jar with illustrated floral design on top of the lid. The word "Mel" is screened on the front of the jar in bold white lettering.
Image of the outer box of Bravanariz Mel solid perfume. The packaging has a hard, solid black inner box along with a black sleeve with an illustrated floral design and bold white typography of the word
Mel: Solid Perfume Olfactory Digression
Limited edition with organic beeswax and honey
Bravanariz | Smelling Wild
$ 175.00
Photo of 50ml bottle of Arcadia by Hiram Green
Photo of Arcadia bottle with background of Arcadian-themed painting
Jaunty barbershop fougère with lavender and tonka
Hiram Green
$ 5.00 - $ 175.00
Sold Out
Fischersund Discovery Set
Large 5ml samples of all three Fischersund scents
$ 55.00
Image of Flotholt Scent Survival Kit with 5ml sample in glass vial with black spray pump, 3 incense cones, and herbal tea in a metal tin with paper label with an illustration of waves of dark water
Flotholt Scent Survival Kit
Multi-sensory remedy for pandemic stress
$ 48.00
Image of Fischersund Incense Cones in a deconstructed metal tin lying on a rock
Metal case with sliding lid for Fischersund Incense Cones
Fischersund Incense Cones
Smoky and addictive scent
$ 30.00
Stylized image of Fischersund incense sticks with moss and white sand
Image of the outer packaging of Fischersund Incense Sticks, which is a black paper tube with an illustration of their key logo
Fischersund Incense Sticks
Rolling Nordic countryside scent
$ 30.00
Image of Heretic's Dirty Patchouli 50ml eau de parfum with clear glass cylindrical bottle and white paper label with modern, sans-serif typography and a black plastic cap
Image of Heretic's Dirty Patchouli 50ml eau de parfum bottle against a green background with wild patchouli leaves
Dirty Patchouli
Rich and earthy patchouli
Heretic Parfums
$ 5.00 - $ 165.00