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Explore candles, room sprays, diffusers and incense from fine fragrance houses and indie perfumers from near and far. A fragrant home is a happy home. 

Fischersund Candle No. 8
Fresh floral with tart rhubarb, citrus and pine
$ 87.00
Sold Out
Stylized image of Fischersund incense sticks with moss and white sand
Image of the outer packaging of Fischersund Incense Sticks, which is a black paper tube with an illustration of their key logo
Fischersund Incense Sticks
Rolling Nordic countryside scent
$ 30.00
Image of Trudon's Reggio classic 9.5 oz candle with dark blue glass, alabaster-white wax and gold foil label in the shape of a heraldic shield
Image of Trudon's Reggio classic 9.5 oz candle with hard outer box made of dark blue paper with gold foil printing  Edit alt text
Soft, sweet citrus that uplifts your space
$ 52.00 - $ 135.00
Agrumeto Fragrance Diffuser By Laboratorio Olfattivo 200ml Fragrance Diffuser 5 black fiber sticks upright in a squat, apothecary style clear glass bottle with a black band around the neck; resembles a bouquet of reeds in a small vase
Agrumeto Fragrance Diffuser
Laboratorio Olfattivo
$ 74.00